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Thursday, April 19, 2012

update! & let's keep the pressure on....

Francesca has just posted an update at her blog, Love in the Time of Global Warming! She writes to her supporters:
Thank you so much for all your kindness and for taking the time to sign my petition. I got a polite response from BofA the first day I went public—showing that we can make things happen when we work together—but since then there have been more frustrating delays. My next payments are due in days and I need to have this loan modified as soon as possible. The stress continues to weigh on me and my children. Many of you know what this feels like. I hope my struggle can help you as well and that I can provide you with information and support as well. Please pass this on to others to keep BofA accountable and sign the petition if you have not done so.

With Gratitude,
Francesca Lia Block

She then carefully itemizes yet another month's worth of struggles and hot-potato passing on the part of various Bank of America employees and officials. Why hasn't this been resolved by now, BofA? What does it take for you to pay attention to your customers, and work with them, rather than against them?

We have almost 1,500 petition signatures—please help us out by signing, if you haven't already, and spreading the word! Please post the petition link on Facebook, Twitter, and email your friends—together we can help Francesca, and help pave the way for other families to keep their homes safe from foreclosure, as well. Let's keep the pressure on! For Francesca, and for her children.