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Sunday, June 10, 2012

update from Francesca

Francesca recently updated the timeline of her struggles to refinance her home. She wrote:
I am trying to stay in my home and am making my monthly payments but the financial burden of a loan with an exceedingly high interest rate on an over-encumbered (underwater) property is taking a huge toll on my mental and physical health. Since I went public with this, BofA has been very polite and I have been working with a very pleasant gentleman who has been trying to help me. However, I am still in the exact same position as before, being told that there are problems because I am current with my loan and because the loan is not in my name, even though I am the sole owner and have made all the payments for five years. I hope that BofA will continue to work with me.
You can read more at her blog, Love in the Time of Global Warming, and see the whole timeline in its frustrating complexity.

As her fans, we really hope the bank can do better than this, and urge them to try! Two thousand strong and growing....