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Friday, June 29, 2012

victory! (for now)

Today, Francesca sent us an email:

Dear Amazing Friends,
This has been a very hard time and you have all helped me tremendously.  If not for you I would have given up on the fight to stay in my home.  I would not have had the strength or faith to fight without your support, guidance, and practical help, including getting the word out. I've always believed in the power of the word but now I believe even more.
Yesterday I received the final word from Bank of America that they are temporarily reducing principle, with a lower interest rate and a monthly payment much less than what I have been paying. In 2037 it will balloon again and I will have to pay off the principle. They say I can refinance then, or who knows...that is a long time. I still have a second smaller loan that will balloon shortly and can go up to a much higher rate of interest, and I will have to fight that one next (it's also still in my mom's name) but for now this is a victory.
Once again, I am deeply grateful. My children and I want to thank Change.org and everyone who signed this petition.  When I felt like giving up, you gave me the strength to go on and  every morning I wake up in my faerie cottage for the next 25 years I will think of you with gratitude. I am honored to consider myself an example of a Change.org victory.  You have renewed my faith in life on a profound level.
Love, Francesca

So dear blogreaders and supporters: Officially, the petition has been closed!

You made this happen. Be assure that if anything comes up again with regard to Francesca and her children having secure housing, we will gratefully call on you once more—but for now, the victory is yours. Thank you for all you have done.